true excellence is a product of synergy

Mack Wilberg

The company was founded by Eleni Lappas, an Economics graduate from the University of Stockholm. Having spent 13 years in the country, gaining a wealth of experience in the Swedish market, Eleni returned to Cyprus and established the foundations of Lappas & Co as an accounting and corporate services firm. Today, Antonis Lappas is the Managing Director of Lappas & Co. He holds the title of ACCA and is a registered member of the ICPAC. He is joined by a team of 10 accounting professionals, three of which also hold the title of ACCA.


the history of learning amounts to a history of specialization

Beryl Smalley

Thanks to the management team’s thorough knowledge of the Swedish market, as well as their deep understanding of the language and culture, Lappas & Co prides itself on having the requisite insights to tailor their services specifically to the needs of the Scandinavian market. This advantage, together with the company’s professionalism and client-centric approach, has led Lappas & Co to become one of the most knowledgeable in its industry, and a one-stop-shop for the Scandinavian market.
Acknowledging that each client is unique in their own way, Lappas & Co offers a variety of bespoke services, ranging from Corporate, Administration, Finance, Accounting, and Bookkeeping, to the setting up of fully serviced virtual offices, as well as support for the establishment, management and maintenance of Scandinavian companies in Cyprus.


our measure of success is whether we are fullfiling our mission

Robert Kiyosaki

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible service to help them reach their individual business goals. We deliver our mission daily guided by our core values, which include the highest of service quality standards, the continuous development of our people, a passion and drive for results and, most importantly, strong relationships with each and every one of our clients. These values are at the forefront of all our client interactions, and fuel every one of our strategic business decisions.


success stories from our Clients / what our Clients say

Our clients are our biggest asset, and when they are happy, so are we. Take a look below at some of our satisfied customers, and what they had to say about the service they received at Lappas & Co